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The loss of an animal companion is a very emotional time. Where do you turn? Who will understand the emotions and needs of you and your family? Who will treat your beloved pet with the grace and dignity that you shared during your time together?

Pet Memories Pet Loss Center will be there to treat your faithful friend with respect and love. We will help guide you through your personal grief journey and individualized choices for appropriate memorialization options … because love never ends. 

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Dear Pet Lover,

When Max died suddenly, we were very unprepared for the emotions and lack of choices available to us. We could never have anticipated the overwhelming emotions our family experienced. We had always done what was best for him, and now at his death, we wanted the same.

It was then we decided to do something to help other families like us ... just as we have for over 100 years as traditional funeral providers. Our goal is to help you through the myriad of emotions and the many available memorialization choices. Our pledge to you is to be your companion throughout this difficult time.

Mary & Mark Sayles
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Pet Memories Pet Loss Center offers a peaceful setting for us to take your companion into our care.

We will be a resource for you during your transition from grief to the peace that comes from wonderful memories of a loving journey together.

We promise to give you the gift of peace and comfort by coming to Pet Memories Pet Loss Center with the death of your pet.

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